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Recipient Lists

What do my CSV columns need to look like?

The CSV columns can technically be anything, but Sendwithus requires you to label the email column containing email addresses with “email”.

Since we use your column names as variables for the template you send in the campaign, they must abide by the following rules:

Column names cannot:

  • contain spaces
  • start with a number
  • have symbols

Column names can:

  • have underscores
  • include numbers, but not the first character

My recipient list loaded with 0 recipients! Why?

Make sure your CSV contains a single “email” column. To view the specific error, view a preview of the campaign and view the recipient errors tab.

Are Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) files supported?

Not currently, but Excel lets you export to a CSV. Click here to learn how.

What if I have duplicate email addresses in my email column?

We remove any duplicate email addresses from your list, so your customer will only receive the campaign email once.


Are locales supported?

Yes! Locales are fully supported. Like elsewhere with locales, if Sendwithus can’t detect the locale on the customer the default locale (typically en-US) is sent.

Are variables supported with Campaigns?

You bet! Variables are populated from the column headers of your CSV. Make sure the column header matches the exact variable you have in the template! For example, in your template you have a first name variable {{ first_name }}, the CSV you upload must contain a column header of first_name.


Where can I view the results of my Campaign?

All completed campaigns can be viewed on the Campaigns analytics page.

Why are my open and click rates different than other campaign tools I use?

Many email campaign tools will show your open/click rates as:

$\"open rate" = \"opens" / \"successful sends"$

Successful sends don’t include bounces or failed sends. Also note that other campaign tools may not use unique opens and will count re-opens towards the total count. This can be problematic as some customers may open an email 5 times or more and obfuscating your actual open rate.

Sendwithus measures analytics as unique opens divided by the total number of sends. This gives you a more accurate picture of your deliverability.

$\"open rate" = \"unique opens" / \"total sends"$

See this page in our knowledge base for more information on how Sendwithus handles analytics.

Can I A/B test a campaign?

Yes! A/B testing is fully supported. Note that you will have to create the A/B test on the template as per usual.