Can I override the From Address and From Name in a drip campaign?

You bet! There are a couple of ways these field can be overridden, the first is at the template level. Check out our Support Article to learn how to override default template settings.

The second way is through the Sendwithus API. Customers can be added to a drip campaign with the /drip_campaigns/(drip_campaign_id)/activate endpoint. Data, from address/name, tags, and ESP account settings will carry through throughout the campaign.

What happens if I remove an email (step) from a drip campaign?

After removing the email from the drip, all newly activated users will not receive that email step. All existing users will still continue to receive that email.

Why am I receiving all my drip campaign emails all at once?

Check your test logs for the drip campaign emails. Drip emails sent through a test API key are sent right after each other for convenient debugging. If a production API key is used, the drip campaign will behave as expected.

If your drip emails show up in your production logs, contact for guidance.

If I add more steps to the drip campaign, will existing emails on the drip be added to the new steps?

No, new users will not be added; however, any new emails added will receive all steps.

How do I deactivate (unsubscribe) users from a drip campaign?

You can do this with an API call. Alternatively, a customer can be removed from drip campaigns through the Customer section. Simply find the customer you wish to remove, and hit the Unschedule button on each email from the drip campaign.

If I remove an email address from a drip campaign and re-add it, will the drip start over again?

Yes, the drip campaign will start over if a user is removed and then added. This is assuming that your drip campaign allows for multiple activations for the same email address. You can check if that is the case by going to the Drip Campaigns page and seeing the activation mode.

If I change one of the templates for a drip campaign step, will the customers that are already scheduled on this campaign get the new template?

Yes, changing the template on a drip campaign step will affect users currently on the drip campaign. Any existing customer on a drip campaign that had yet to receive the step will now get the new template. Editing a template used in an active drip campaign will also affect current users on the drip campaign, as they will receive the updated version. Only adding and deleting drip campaign steps will not affect the scheduled emails for existing customers on a drip campaign.

How is the data from an API call used in a drip campaign?

Data sent with the initial API call can be referenced throughout the entire drip campaign.

What happens when I disable a drip campaign?

Disabling a drip campaign prevents new customers to be added to the drip campaign. Customers on the current drip campaign will receive the rest of the emails in the drip campaign.

What does the “Allow customers to receive this drip campaign multiple times” option do?

By default, customers can only be added to a drip campaign once and only once. Enabling this feature will allow users to be added to the drip campaign multiple times. Note that drip campaigns activated with test API keys ignore this option entirely and the same user can always be added multiple times to facilitate easy testing.

What happens when I delete a Sendwithus Customer? Will the scheduled drip campaign emails be removed?

If the customer was deleted from Sendwithus, the scheduled emails will NOT be removed. In order to prevent any drip campaign emails from attempted delivery, you must use the drip campaigns deactivation endpoint to deactivate the user from all drip campaigns.