What is A/B testing

A/B testing is comparing two (or more) different versions of something and seeing which one performs better. Sendwithus makes A/B testing email easy!

Why A/B Test?

A/B testing allows you to optimize the content of your emails and gives you insight into how your users interact with email.

Planning for an A/B test

It’s important to have a clear goals in mind for your A/B test. First determine what you’re trying to test. Are you trying to optimize open rates or click counts?

You will want to think of all the testable parts of your email and how you want users to interact with it. For example, if you wanted to test your subject line you could test:

  • Subject line - Does including a customer’s name affect opens?
  • Preheader text - What type of hook entices a user?

What can I A/B test?

What you A/B test all depends on the goals you have in mind for the specific email, but here are a few ideas:

  • Subject Line
  • Preheader
  • Call to Action (CTA) placement and messaging
  • Plain text looking emails versus flashy HTML emails

Don’t know what to test? Use the chart below to help determine what to work on next.

A/B Chart

A/B Testing Tips

  • A/B Tests with 2 variants will be the most accurate.
  • Don’t quit too early! Your results might not be significant.
  • Test big stuff. Not small stuff.
  • Know what you’re testing ahead of time and identify a metric that means the most to you. (Example - USell Case Study)

Case Studies

For more information and A/B testing check out our case studies: 3 Simple Ways to Write Subject Lines that Get Your Email Opened Case Study: A/B Test Transactional Email For an 8.6% Conversion Lift

Learn about how our statistics program determines which version is the winner at our github page.

Visit Create an A/B Test to get started!