Want to optimize your open and click rates? Tweaking certain details of an email can make all the difference. A/B Testing is a great way to monitor and test which email versions are more successful than others. Learn how to create an A/B Test in only a couple minutes!

  • Go to Templates and click the Edit button on the template you want to test.

You must have at least two (or more) versions of a template. If you do not have two versions, create a new one by clicking on the Create New Version just above the Subject line.

  • From the Template Actions drop-down menu in the top right corner of the editor, click Setup A/B Test and select the versions you want to test.
  • Determine the amount of traffic you want to send with each template, by adjusting the percentage under Weight (%).
  • Click Create Test.

Email AB Setup Screen

Email AB Setup Screen

Congratulations, you’ve started an A/B test! Now, we just wait for your results.