Segmentation is a deprecated feature in Sendwithus. Users with Segments will remain unaffected and are able to create and manage their segments. If you have any questions, send us a message at

Segmentation is a great way to target a specific group of customers from your customer database.

Click Segmentation on the navigation bar and click Create New Segment.

Click Add Rule, and a drop down list will appear with Data Rule, Email Address Rule, Email Rule, Group Rule, or Limit Rule.

To view examples and learn more visit Segment Rules.

You can refine your search by adding more rules.

Segment Preview

When you have completed the Segment, click Save Segment and give the Segment a name.

Once the results have generated you can obtain your customer list in CSV format by clicking Download Customer List.

You can send an email to all the customers in this segment by clicking Regenerate and Send to Segment.

Segment Completed