Segmentation is a deprecated feature in Sendwithus. Users with Segments will remain unaffected and are able to create and manage their segments. If you have any questions, send us a message at

Segmentation rules are the foundation of the Sendwithus segmentation feature. They allow you to query your customer database and pull out customer email addresses that match a specific criteria.

Email Rule
This type of rule finds all the customers that meet email template criteria. For example:
  • Find customers who have clicked a link in any email ever.
  • Find customers who have received the specific email "Free cupcakes!" before July 1, 2015.
  • Find customers who have not opened the specific email "Welcome".
Data Rule
Use the Data Rule to find customers based on variables in your customer profiles. For example:
  • Find customers where first_name is set.
  • Find customers where city_name equals Berlin.
  • Find customers where company_name is blank.
Email Address Rule
The Email Address Rule looks for email addresses that match your criteria. For example:
  • Find customers whose email address contains "".
  • Find customers whose email address does not contain "".

An Empty Address Rule will return all customers.

Group Rule
Use the Group Rule to find customers that are in (or not in) specific groups. For example:
  • Find customer that belong to group "Newsletter".
  • Find customer that don't to group "Opt-outs".
Limit Rule
A Limit Rule will limit the number of customers returned. Useful if you only want to try sending to a specific number of customers.

To further refine your query, you can add more than one rule to a segment. Note that multiple rules are ANDed together.