Stripe is a discontinued integration in Sendwithus. Users with an integrated Stripe account will be still able to manage their triggers, but new or existing users without an attached Stripe account are unable to use the feature.

See Stripe’s integration for a list of other invoicing providers.

Adding your Stripe account

To integrate your Stripe account with Sendwithus, first click Automation on the left menu in the Sendwithus dashboard.

Now click Manage Integrations and select Stripe

After following the instructions with Stripe, Sendwithus will now receive event webhooks from your Stripe account. The next step is to make a new trigger in automation

Creating a Trigger

Sendwithus’ Automation can be thought of as an event-based email system which allows you to set up a series of actions to be taken when a Stripe event comes in. For example a trigger could be set up to send an email when a Payment Succeeded event happens.

To create a new trigger first go to Automation and click New Trigger. Next select Stripe as the event source and choose the event that’s going to trigger the action. You’re now free to select the action you want to happen. For an example, check the visual guide below.

Stripe Trigger

Stripe Trigger

Have more questions? Check out our Stripe FAQ page