Log in to the Mandrill account and go to your Mandrill’s Settings. This is where you’ll create your API key, which you’ll need for the next step.

Connect with Sendwithus

  1. Go to Delivery Settings in the Sendwithus dashboard, and click on the Add ESP Account button.
  2. Name the account and select Mandrill as the Account Type.
  3. Copy and paste your API Key from your Mandrill’s Settings into the API Key field. You may also add an optional Subaccount.
  4. Click the Save ESP Account and wait for verification.

Mandrill Subaccounts

You can now add as many Mandrill subaccounts as you’d like! This means that you can send through them individually without creating and adding a bunch of separate Mandrill accounts.

All of the analytics for your subaccounts will be displayed together in your Analytics page, you will need to view your separated analytics in your Mandrill dashboard.

Adding a Mandrill subaccount to your Sendwithus account is as easy as adding a new ESP; all you’ll need is the API Key for the Mandrill account and the name of the subaccount.