Event Status Description
Requested Sendwithus has acknowledged your send request.
Queued Sendwithus has queued your message for delivery.
Sent Sendwithus has successfully passed the message to your ESP for delivery.
Processed Your ESP has acknowledged that a send call was made.
Delivered The receiving mail server accepted your ESPs message.
Opened The customer has opened the email.
Re-opened The customer has opened the email again.
Viewed In Browser The customer has opened the email and clicked the Webview Link to view the email from a browser.
Clicked The customer has clicked any link in the email.
Re-clicked The customer clicked a second link or the same link again in the email.
Unsubscribe The customer has clicked the unsubscribe link in the email.
Spam The customer has marked the email as spam.
Failed to Send Sendwithus has attempted delivery multiple times and was unable to contact your ESP OR there was an error rendering the template.

Go to your Email Logs and check the event message for further details.
Bounce Your ESP has attempted to deliver the email but failed.
Dropped Your ESP has prevented the email from sending to protect your sender reputation as the customer's email address is present on your ESP's suppression/rejection list. The customer may have previously unsubscribed, reported an email as spam, or bounced, causing this email to be dropped.
Deferred Your ESP has attempted to send an email but could not deliver it at the current moment. The ESP will attempt to resend the email at a later time.

Email event support varies by ESP.