Use Sendwithus failure webhooks to notify your systems of potential delivery issues. They’re most useful for:

  1. Getting notified of email service provider issues
  2. Getting notified of template issues, for example: a render failed due to poorly formatted data

On a “Failed to Send” event Sendwithus will POST form-urlencoded (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) content to your endpoint with the following fields:

"event": "Failed to send email"
"error": "Your Mailgun account has run out credits"
"log_id": "log_1234abcd-3"
"recipient_address": ""
"recipient_name": "Bruce Wayne"

Sendwithus may add additional fields based on customer demand, but will not remove fields to ensure backwards compatibility.

You can set your failed webhook endpoint by going to the Delivery Settings page, clicking “Edit” on the desired email service provider integration, and filling in the “ Failed Email Webhook URL “ field.

Failed Webhooks Field