To power Click Rates in template analytics Sendwithus automatically adds an attribute called “data-click-track-id” into anchor <a> tag’s attributes. Each data-click-track-id has a unique number that we use to identify the links in your email and track the number of clicks for each link.

Click Rates is a deprecated feature in Sendwithus. Users currently using Click Rates will remain unaffected but this feature is removed for new users. If you have any questions, send us a message at

Where does the data-click-track-id attribute get added?

When you save a template in the editor the data-click-track-id attribute is inserted into any anchor tags automatically.

<a data-click-track-id="1234" href=""> Example Link </a>           

We use the data-click-track-id to append a UTM parameter utm_swu onto the link in the email.

We place the UTM parameter in accordance with the standard RFC 3986. The utm_swu parameter is appended as part of the query string before the fragment starts.

Click rates not tracking?

  • Attributes must be in alphabetical order: All attributes (class, id, style, etc) inside an <a> tag have to be placed in alphabetical order or the data-click-track-id will not be added automatically and the link will not be tracked.
  • No tracking for links in snippets or macros: We are unable to track links inside snippets or Jinja macros.
  • Must be fewer than 180 characters: For the utm_swu parameter to be added the link has to be fewer than 180 characters.