What is a user account?

User accounts are used to give your teammates access to the Sendwithus dashboard. You have control over who publishes, edits, and reads your templates. Learn more about user permissions and how to use them here.

What is a unique recipient?

Unique recipients are the customers that you send email to. For example, if you send 2,000 emails to 800 people, you have 800 unique recipients. This count is reset at the start of every month for Lite and Premium accounts. Basic accounts will be reset after a rolling 30 day window.

What if I start sending to more recipients?

We’ll get in touch with you to upgrade your plan. Don’t worry, your service will never be interrupted.

Can I test before going live on production?

Yes! We provide configurable test API keys for all your development and testing needs. Learn more about API Key management here.

What happens if I don’t like the service?

Don’t worry, if you are ever unhappy with our service and wish to cancel, we’ll happily reimburse your last month – no questions asked.

I have more questions.

No problem! Email us at support@sendwithus.com.