Emails that are sent without HTML content will be sent as plain text. First click the “Plain Text” tab, write out your email, and then delete all the content in the HTML tab.

Plain text screen

Plain Text FAQs

Why aren’t opens being tracked for my plain text emails?

Email opens are determined by your ESP inserting an invisible tracking pixel in the HTML email. This pixel can not be inserted into plain text emails.

Chances are your Email Service Provider is wrapping your links to track when they are clicked. Click tracking for plain text emails will need to be turned off in your ESP’s account settings.

Can I use jinja in my plain text emails?

Yes! Jinja is supported in plain text emails, subject lines, and preheaders.

Why do my plain text emails still look like HTML emails?

Your ESP may be automatically converting them to track opens/clicks. Ensure that setting is not active in your ESP account.