We recommend that you use a SparkPost Subaccount when connecting to Sendwithus. If you add both a SparkPost Master Account and a SparkPost Subaccount then Sendwithus’ analytics will not work correctly.

Creating an API Key with SparkPost

Sign into your SparkPost account and click on Account on your sidebar, and select API & SMTP.


Create a API Key by selecting the New API Key button.

Make sure your domains are configured properly before proceeding. Check out SparkPost’s help docs or setting up domains.

Name the API Key and select relevant permissions. Click the i beside each permission for more info.

The minimum required API permissions needed for sendwithus are: Event Webhooks: Read-only, Event Webhooks: Read/Write, Transmissions: Read-only, and Transmissions: Read/Write.



Enter your account password and click the Add API Key button. Make sure to leave the Allowed IPs field blank or Sendwithus won’t be able to deliver your emails.

Allowed IPs

Allowed IPs

Here is your SparkPost API Key.



Connect with Sendwithus

  1. Go to Delivery Settings in the Sendwithus dashboard, and click on the Add ESP Account button.
  2. Name the account and select SparkPost as the Account Type.
  3. Enter your API Key from your SparkPost account.
  4. Click the Save ESP Account and wait for verification.

Sending Domains

The sending domains have to be properly configured in order for emails to send out. Check out SparkPost’s help docs for setting up domains.