Finding your API Key

Sign into your Mailjet account and navigate to the Transactional section. Select the SMTP tab and your API keys are located under the Credentials section.

You will need both the API Public Key and API Secret Key for the next step.

Connect with Sendwithus

  1. Go to Delivery Settings in the Sendwithus dashboard, and click on the Add ESP Account button.
  2. Name the account and select Mailjet as the Account Type.
  3. Copy and paste your API Public Key from your Mailjet Dashboard into the API Key field and your API Secret Key into the Secret Key field.
  4. Click the Save ESP Account and wait for verification.

Manage Sender domains & addresses

In order to send email through Mailjet, you will need to have a either a valid sending domain or sender email address. For more information, read Mailjet’s How to add a sender address documentation.


Mailjet allows your team to create separate subaccounts. This is great for managing different email streams like transactional emails vs marketing emails. Each subaccount maintains its own analytics and exclusion list. For more information on subaccounts, read Mailjet’s How to create a sub-account.