Automation sets up triggered actions based off of a variety of event sources. For instance, you can add and remove users from Drip Campaigns based off of an email event. Some examples of email events include: sent, opened, clicked, etc.

If your emails are time sensitive, we recommend setting up your automation triggers based off of Send Events instead of events like opens or clicks. These events are reliant on your ESP forwarding the data to Sendwithus and may lead to a delayed delivery time.

How to Setup

Click the Automation tab in your Sendwithus dashboard and create a new trigger.

Step 1

  • Select "Email Event"
  • Configure your event
    • Select your API Key
    • Select an email template you want as the “trigger” email
    • Select an event type: sent, opened, clicked, etc.

Step 2

  • Select an action
    • The action is what the trigger should do. You can select: Activate Drip Campaign, Deactivate Drip Campaign, Send Email

Depending on the action, you may need to configure your action.

  • Configure your action
    • Activate or Deactivate Drip Campaign - Search for the Drip Campaign you wish to add or remove the customer
    • Send Email - Search for the email you would like to send. Check the box if you would like the email to only send once.

Step 3

  • Save your new trigger!

Automation Setup